How to Measure the Features of your Entry Door

Here we have illustrated some examples of the most accurate ways to provide us with measurements taken from your entry door in the case where we are proportioning your screen-storm door to match specific features of your entry door.

In most cases, the screen-storm door is longer than the entry door due to the fact that the threshold typically slants down and out to shed water.  The two doors usually are on the same plane at the top with all the extra length at the bottom. Therefore, it is more accurate to take reference measurements from the top down, rather than from the bottom up.

Our Jefferson style screen door with six panel entry door

36 X 96 six panel entry door

In this example, when we are designing our Jefferson style door to complement a six panel entry door, we want to accurately mirror the horizontal and vertical elements of the entry door, "framing out" the panels. 

The most accurate way to convey measurements is to hook your tape measure to the TOP of the door and record the cumulative readings at each significant horizontal line. Then hook the tape measure to one side of the door and record measurements across at each significant vertical line. Left is a drawing demonstrating this method. This method is much more accurate (and much easier) than measuring each part incrementally.

When we are designing a door to closely match features of the entry door, make a sketch of your entry door and record your measurements as shown here.

Key measurements from a 3 X 5 divided lite entry door Key measurements from an oval glass entry door

When there are features of the entry door that we want to enhance or frame, such as a single large glass, a "bank" of divided lights or an oval glass like the examples above, give us the following reference measurements directly from your entry door: (1) top of door to top of moulding (2) glass + moulding and (3) glass (or entire "bank" of lights). With these measurements, we can accurately place your glass in our design of your screen door and proportion around it accordingly.

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