Considerations for Double Screen Doors

For double doors, your order should include two screen doors and an astragal and should indicate the total width and height of the opening for the pair. The astragal is the T-mould that seals the pair where they meet in the middle and is attached to the active door.

The hardware selection we recommend for double screen doors includes hinges for both doors, a functional lockset and pneumatic door closer for the active door with full dummy trim and two slide bolts for the normally closed door.


Special Latchset Considerations for Double Doors

Since the astragal decreases the amount of "knuckle room" available for grasping and turning a knob, we recommend either the Merit 20356 or the Von Morris 8020 Earlham trim with the egg knob if you prefer a knob X lever configuration.

The round knob on the Von Morris Buckingham trim does not allow adequate knuckle clearance, in our opinion, but the oval-shaped egg knob of the Earlham trim does. The round Merit knob on the 20356 allows adequate knuckle clearance because it is smaller in diameter and has a longer projection than the round Von Morris knob.

Charleston style 111 double doors

Charleston style 111 double doors with
Merit 20356 latchset and matching dummy trim
in polished brass

Another option is a lever X lever configuration available from Von Morris in either the Buckingham or Earlham trim.

The slide bolts will be mounted on the inside of the normally closed door, one at the top and one at the bottom of the lock stile. The top bolt will need to be longer on very tall doors in order to reach them without the aid of a stool or ladder. For example, if the highest you can reach is 80 inches and your door is 90 inches tall, you could select an 8-inch bolt for the bottom, but you would need at least a 12-inch bolt for the top.

Silver Lake style 127 double storm doors

Silver Lake style 127 double doors with Von Morris Buckingham trim and lever X lever configuration in oil-rubbed bronze

  Charleston style 111 double screen doors  
Three pair of our Charleston style 111 double doors enhance
the beauty and charm of this picturesque wrap-around porch in Maryland


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