Pre-Hung Option for your Screen Door

Most newer homes have an exterior casing on the outside of a pre-hung entry door unit that is commonly called “brick mould.”

For an additional charge of $350, Touchstone Woodworks now offers our screen-storm doors as “pre-hung” which means that we provide a custom brick mould which will fit the same footprint as your existing brick mould and the hinges, latchset and strike plate will be pre-mortised and ready to assemble and hang.

See how our Pre-Hung Option is installed

What are the Benefits of a Pre-Hung Screen Door?

This option makes wood screen door installation much easier, requiring fewer specialized tools and a lower skill level compared to those required for fitting and hanging a wood slab door. Many handy homeowners will possess the tools and skills to hang these units and will find it unnecessary to hire a skilled finish carpenter. Builders and remodelers will find this an efficient and  labor-saving option.

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You are a candidate for this product if:

  1. You have existing brick mould on the outside of your entry door.
    See profile of brick mould

  2. You are building a new house or addition and planning to install a new pre-hung entry door.
    See pre-hung entry door unit

Most aluminum screen doors are fastened to brick mould and will need to be removed in order to measure accurately.

To help us complement these features, also give us a sketch of your entry door indicating any measurements that might pertain, such as location of the middle rail,  glass or panels, etc.

Take the measurements indicated on the following page and we will build your custom brick mould and pre-hung door to fit the same footprint, replacing the existing brick mould.

How to Measure for the Pre-Hung Option
(printable form for recording measurements)

If you have an old house, you will probably need to order a
slab screen door with no pre-hung option. Copyright 2019  Touchstone Woodworks