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Read Before Measuring for your Screen Door

We refer to a wood screen door that will be fit and hung into an existing "frame" or casing or jamb as a slab door. If you are purchasing a screen-storm door for an old house (built before 1960), you probably need a slab door with no pre-hung option.

We do offer a pre-mortising option for the latchset, meaning that we will bore all the necessary holes and mortises to accept your choice of one of our Merit or Von Morris mortise latchsets. The installer will fine fit our door to the existing opening and mortise the hinges and the strike plate.

Take the measurements indicated on the following page. In short, you will measure the opening where our screen door will be installed, in addition to few other pertinent measurements. Because most openings are out of square, we ask you to provide two measurements of width and height.

NOTE: We typically take the largest W X L measurements and then deduct 1/8 from the width and 1/4 from the height for the actual door size, unless you or your carpenter specify otherwise. This will be a close fit to your opening and may require additional fine-fitting.

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In some cases, our screen-storm door may be installed inside the jamb itself, which is typically much deeper in old houses than in newer homes. In this case, it may be necessary for the installer to add a stop in the jamb 1-1/4 back from the outside edge of the jamb for our door to close against. When the door is going to be installed inside the jamb, rather than in an exterior casing, be sure to allow for the 1-1/4 thickness of our door when providing the measurement of the space between doors.

If there is an existing aluminum screen door, it should be removed to obtain accurate  measurements for a wood slab screen door.

To help us complement these features, also give us a sketch of your entry door indicating any measurements that might pertain, such as location of the middle rail,  glass or panels, etc.

How to Measure for a Wood Slab Screen Door (printable form for recording measurements)

If you have a newer home (one with 2 X 4 or 2 X 6 construction) or you are building a new home or a new addition, you may be interested in our pre-hung option.

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