How to Measure for your Screen Door

We offer two different sets of instructions for measuring for your custom mahogany screen-storm door, depending on whether you will be purchasing a slab door or a door with our new Pre-Hung Option.

Slab Screen Door


New! Pre-Hung Screen Door Option

We refer to a screen door that will be fit and hung into an existing "frame" or casing or jamb as a slab door.  If you are purchasing a door for an old home and it is an odd size, you probably need a slab door with no pre-hung option. We can, however, offer the option of pre-mortising the latchset for you.

How to Measure for a
Slab Screen Door

If you have a newer home (one with 2 X 4 or 2 X 6 construction) or you are building a new home or a new addition, you may be interested in our new Pre-Hung Option. With this option, the door comes complete with its own "frame" and the latchset, hinges and strike plate are pre-mortised, making installation much easier.

How to Measure for the Pre-Hung Screen Door Option Copyright 2019  Touchstone Woodworks